Mes Favoris pour le Printemps


Spring has finally sprung & I am very excited! Spring is my second favorite season (behind autumn of course) so I will be sharing some of my favorite staples along with some “trends” for this season.



This beautiful Red Valentino bag (her name is Carrie) was gifted to me by my wonderful friend Emily. It has been my favorite spring staple since the day it entered my closet. It is not too original though because florals for spring are kind of cliché, but oh well.

Image result for florals for spring how original



Espadrille wedges are popping up everywhere right now, but that’s kind of a given considering that spring has just started. I am very picky about my shoes, not quite as much as my dear friend Emily, but I’m almost up there. So when I found these espadrilles at Payless, I was kind of shocked. Honestly, they are not super comfy. My toes hurt a little because they are round-toed instead of being open-toed like some of the other similar espadrilles I included in this post. They are not unbearable, but I would not choose these shoes to walk around it for long distances.


This tank is definitely a huge staple in my wardrobe. I love silk and I love white tops, so this one goes with several outfits I wear. It is also easy to wear it with anything. This particular one is by Theory, but I have two links for where to purchase it here and here.


Sadly, I purchased this skirt sometime last summer and it was actually impossible for me to find online, so I just attached similar styles at the bottom of this post. But for those who are interested, it is by Chelsea28.


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Bisous bisous ♥





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*Photos taken by Madalyn Melton*



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