Straw Obsession et Faux-cations

So I have finally reached my breaking point and I had to make a decision to stop doing at least one thing for a month, so I had to choose my blog. This will be my only post this month and I will start back up in July. I started summer school plus I am working and shadowing a dermatologist, so blogging has to be put on a back-burner. Due to this crazy “summer” schedule of mine, I will not be traveling like I wanted to. Even though that can be upsetting, especially when I see all the great pictures of what all my friends are doing around the globe, I’m excited about all the great projects I’m working on. So for all of you who are in the same boat, this post is for y’all!
North Texas is not the most exotic place in the world, but for this post, I wanted to emulate a tropical island vaca, so I had to get a little creative. I’m thankful I have an eye for things like this & I have a great photographer who sharers that same vision, because we were able to capture that (or at least we think we did).
Anyway, since I will not be lounging on a beach or exploring local markets in a different country this summer, I decided to do those things in my own backyard. So here are my tips on making the most of your stay-cation:
1. Use your imagination! I have been wanting to go to Cuba (thank you Margo & Me for adding to that desire). So I was thinking of a place with fresh produce, lots of flowers, & good food. So I headed over to the Dallas Farmers Market! Even though I was not riding around in cutesy cars, I still had fun smelling flowers & perusing the locally grown veggies.

2. Dress the part (duh). The straw obsession is real right now & it is such a fun pattern/texture for the summer. I wanted to write a post on different straw bags at different price ranges, but my favorite blogger (Aimee Song/ Song of Style) already posted about it & I love her options! I will attach the link to her blog along with my outfit details below.

3. Have fun with it! Try to pretend you’re a tourist in your own city. You might feel a little silly at first, but I’ve discovered so many new things just from opening up to the possibility of discovering something new in a place I think I know very well.


This was all at a Farmers Market =)

Thank you for reading & I will be back in a few weeks!

Bisous bisous ♥





Shop this look!

Bag: My exact bag is sold out everywhere ( I found mine at TJ Maxx), but here are other options from a post by Aimee Song =)






*Photos taken by Madalyn Melton*



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