Un Chemise, Trois Tenues


I hope y’all are having a great week so far! I keep putting things off on my to-do list then staying up waaay past my bedtime (yes, I have a bedtime), so my week has been quite sleepy. But, it has been great so far!

This week, I am showing y’all how you can use one blouse (this one) in 3 different outfits! My post last Friday was a little intro into my “minimalist” shopping style. I used the quotation marks because, when most people think minimalism, they think of  dainty jewelry with lots of white and marble and cliché IG coffee pics. But to me, minimalism is just finding what you love to wear most and buying only those types of items. I was speaking to my  boss’s wife last week and she was telling me how she has a lot of clothes, but she will still run into the problem of “having nothing to wear.” I told her that I used to be the same way until  I decided to try and start a “capsule wardrobe” and mimic Parisian style.

When I was a bit younger, I thought Parisian street style was boring (mostly because it lacks a lot of color), but now I understand that it is very efficient. I do not see a need in owning too many clothes (I know, why do I have a fashion blog?). So finding versatile pieces to add to my closet is always my goal. White is my favorite color to wear. It goes with almost everything I wear, so when I buy tops, 99% of the time, they’re white. Not everyone is the same though, so I would advise to look at what color looks best on you & then make note if it is the color you wear the most. Once you have that down, you can build around it.

Anyway, the blouse I used in this shoot sold out (just my luck). It’s from GAP though & the name of it is “Ruffle sleeve boatneck top.”  Here are two similar styles though: Option 1 & option 2

I hope y’all enjoy these looks & if y’all have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me =)

Outfit No. 1


Block-heel sandal (Part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!)


Outfit No. 2

Skirt (similar styles): Option 1 & option 2

Shoes (similar styles): Option 1 & option 2


Outfit No. 3

Shorts (similar style)




Thank you for reading,

Bisous bisous ♥




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  1. 20 August 17 / 04:07

    I would definitely agree with you on that, parisian style is very minimalist and they love to keep it simple, but they also like to wear a touch of color to accentuate a specific item they want to stand out. Always invest in basic pieces as I always say! Anyways keep up the good work xx

    • evetteodhiambo
      22 August 17 / 14:20

      Wow, thank you & I will! =)

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