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 En Coulisse


I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday y’all. This week is going by fast, or at least it feels like it. It’s probably because Monday was a holiday. I won’t talk too much about this outfit, but it is just another summer outfit option. I would totally wear this outfit to class (on my non-lab days) with a pair of my SM Gigi sandals. I have the details below for the top and shorts, but the link for the shoes is on my blog home page widget.

On today’s post I wanted to talk about the not so fun/glamourous side of blogging. So when I decided to start doing this, I knew that it would be a VERY slow process, but now that I am almost 6 months in, I didn’t think it would still be that difficult. I have previously written about confidence and having a hard time being a blogger (especially when I am still a student and have an internship), so I won’t discuss that aspect of it too much here. I do want to talk about the actual process of what goes into each of my posts.

Choose an Outfit

This can either be the simplest or most difficult step in the process. It depends on if I have time to think about outfits throughout the week or not. Some mornings I literally wake up and just throw clothing items in a bag then rush to my shoot location (I really try to be punctual). Other times I will have all my outfits steamed and hanging and I’ll be in bed at a reasonable time AND have time to eat breakfast the next morning… this has only happened a handful of times. What usually happens is I will have outfits in mind, but I never try them on till the morning of the shoot, so I don’t have time to steam =/ I am really trying to be better at this, because I do not like mediocrity. I also have to plan around the weather. I really do not know how some of the well-known Dallas bloggers can even wear jeans and sweaters or long sleeves on a daily basis for summer outfits. This might be a little TMI, but I sweat quite a bit now because my metabolism has changed a lot in the past year. So I can be outside for like 10 minutes and I’ll be ready to return to my car. Anyway, choosing outfits can be fun or frustrating. I sometimes consult my friends and send them Snaps.

Have a “Photo-shoot”

This is the most fun part. I have been very blessed (I don’t believe in luck) to always have really nice and fun photographers. I am very camera shy and I seriously have to dance around to get my pictures to work out. I can be very awk, so if I try to look cool and strike a pose (smize I cannot), I feel silly, so I end up laughing about it and the moment is lost. Sometimes my photographers have to position me and help me out, but that’s kind of given since they’re taking the picture. Aside from the camera shyness, shooting is so fun. I have discovered so many things just from driving around and looking for places that complement my outfits and my entire vision. It’s almost like a weekly “field trip.” The only not so fun thing about shoots is having to change in my car ha ha. I usually shoot 2-3 outfits per week, because I am too busy to go daily. Plus blogging is not my full-time job. Anyway, I am now used to using my backseat to change, but the funniest thing is if I stay in the same location to shoot and people look puzzled by what I’m doing. Which reminds me, that is what adds to my camera shyness. Having people stare at you can be VERY awk. I try to ignore it for the most part, but there are some places that just feel uncomfortable to shoot at. Overall though, this is my fave process.

Editing & Finalists

I edit my own pictures and I really like it. I don’t use photoshop or Lightroom. Since I still consider blogging my hobby, I have not wanted to invest in expensive programs, but I probably will in the future. Choosing which pictures I will post is difficult because I usually love almost all the pictures taken, but I don’t want to flood my blog post, so narrowing them down takes me at least 2 hours. Other than that, this step is pretty straight-forward.

These are the two apps I mainly use to edit then plan my IG:

PicsArt & Planoly

Choose a Topic & Write

Just like the outfit process, writing is either simple or difficult. I usually just talk about my outfit, because I do not receive enough feedback yet to know what my audience would like to read. So for the most part, it is easy. Though when it comes to my lengthier posts, I typically type them on my phone or iPad whenever a thought comes up for me (I do get writer’s block). Then I try to incorporate everything in a Word doc and I proofread a few times. I really cannot stand simple grammar mistakes (I am not perfect at writing, but I try to do my best).


I know that these steps probably seem very simple, but when you have school assignments and work, it can be hard to always be on top of it. I know that I choose to blog, so I am not complaining in any way. I am very privileged to be able to do this, so I am content. I hope y’all enjoyed reading this. Let me know what y’all think in the comments =)

Thank you for reading,

bisous bisous ♥

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Photography by Alex Balaban

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