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Fall Faves

Les Favoris de l’Automne



I hope y’all have been doing well! I have been so so so busy. I really have no idea how I’m surviving right now. School is taking up all of my time and I honestly did not think it would be this bad, but it’s pretty awful. I am just counting down the days till my freedom right now. Anyway, I am excited that the weather is finally cooling down a bit in North Texas (it’s like 80 degrees now). I really hate summer more than anything, I know a lot of people who wouldn’t mind living in the heat year-round, but I am not that person. I love the cold and dressing for it is so much better! I get tired of wearing shorts and tops all the time.

Since fall has officially began, I wanted to do a quick post on a few of these items I’m wearing. I LOVE this cardigan. It seriously feels like you’re wrapping yourself in the coziest blanket. The only issue I have with it is that it pills like crazy and the lint gets everywhere. To fix this, I just washed it and used Downy liquid fabric softener. I know some people have sensitive skin, so they can’t use fabric softener, so there is also this nifty item that helps with sweater piling.

The other thing I want to talk about are these boots!!! Y’all have no idea how happy I was to find these (and on sale, of course). I’ve been wanting OTK boots for a while now, but since women with curves (i.e. large calves) do not exist, most designers don’t think to create stylish boots for them *eye roll.* BUT that is not true now. I found these Steve Madden boots at Nordstrom Rack and they fit perfectly. So to all my girls out there with large calves, look no more. I also love that the boots are long enough to actually reach above my knee. Other OTK boots I’ve tried on reached my knee and they just looked awful. So these boots catered to two of my issues with boots.

I won’t be posting regularly again probably until December TBH. I will sporadically post, but I just don’t have the time and I kinda need to graduate, so school trumps blogging right now.

Thank you for reading,

 bisous bisous ♥






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Photography by Jazmin Marin.

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