Keeping your New Year Health Resolutions

Garner vos résolutions de santé de nouvelle année




I hope y’all are having a wonderful year so far. I have been keeping busy for the most part and trying to actually plan my blog posts to relevant topics other than clothing ha ha. The topic for this post is something that I think I’ve seen every blogger post about this past week, but I had it down on my list of topics to discuss this month, so I decided to share anyway. A lot of people make resolutions to better themselves somehow every year and a lot fail, so I just wanted to discuss what you could try to do in order to stay on track. My outfit details are at the end of this post, as usual, but all the items I’m wearing are like 1.5 years old, so I just found similar styles.



When it comes to losing weight or being healthy, it is not an overnight transition. Back in April of 2016 when I decided to change my lifestyle, I was already mentally preparing myself for the transition, so I was able to quit eating crappy food cold turkey. But this is not ideal for many people and I also don’t recommend it. I do not believe in dieting. At all. It just doesn’t work. We are humans and eating is kind of something we enjoy doing. So trying to eat something we don’t like is difficult. P.S. downing wheatgrass shots or eating acai berry bowls is not the way to accomplish your health goals. Just eating real food that is full of nutrients is enough. Not every meal needs to be a salad, but adding more servings of veggies in lieu of more processed foods helps. This is kind of a duh statement, but just adding a little each day or week will make a difference.

The main goal is to change your lifestyle, not just get quick results. So I wouldn’t advise to do the full work week of clean eating then having your “cheat days” on the weekend. Just try to indulge a little less and substitute the processed food with other options. Lastly, you have to plan your meals. I know that this could be difficult, but I always eat badly when I don’t know what I will be eating for a certain meal. You don’t have to meal prep, but just having an idea of what you can prepare is a good start.




This is a very important part of weight loss and overall health. You don’t need to be extra with your workouts, but just doing something active 3 times a week is better than nothing (I read a study about this but I can’t find the paper). The only things I advise against are: beating yourself up for skipping a day & start off doing too much.

I used to be so hard on myself when I would skip a day because I was tired from studying or didn’t have the time, so then I would create more and more excused since I made myself feel bad. This would cycle would continue until I realized that I hadn’t worked out in a month or so.

Another thing I would do is push myself too hard when I had no workout experience. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s also discouraging. Trying to perform workouts that I was not physically capable of doing, at the time, was not ideal. I feel like many people do this and then they end up quitting. So even if all you do is walk and then do some body weight workouts, it’s better than nothing.

Also, make sure you’re focusing on being healthy, not just looking good. Exercising is not just about physical strength, it’s also about mental strength. The results will come, I promise. If you’re eating well and working out, your body will change!

Lastly, be patient. Take before & after pictures (also measure yourself) + ditch the scale. I would only use my scale monthly, otherwise it was stashed in my closet. It is difficult to see results when you have nothing to compare them to, but just choose an outfit and put it on monthly and snap a pic. You’d be amazed at how much a difference this will make in your journey. Even though I was ready to change my lifestyle, I remember that first month being difficult. BUT when I compared the images of myself from a month before, I became more motivated. So just be patient!

Here are a list of Instagram accounts I get my workouts from: @Whitneyysimmons, @Leanmachine, @Brittnebabe, @Alexia_Clark, @Gymglutes, & @Kayla_Itsines



Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water!!!


Thank you for reading,

bisous bisous ♥




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