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Patience in Christ


Oh my goodness y’all, it’s been a while and so much has been going on in my life that I am having a difficult time keeping up. I hope all of you have been doing well though. This post will be a combo post about having faith & patience in Jesus Christ + a life update. I will begin with the former so I can apply the major life lesson I’ve learned to it.

Okay, so let’s flashback to November of 2017. I was a little over a month from being finished with what I perceive as the worst & somewhat best 4 years of my life. Most people have the best of times in college, but I really didn’t. It wasn’t only because I had a difficult course load. In fact, that had very little to do with why college was “awful” IMO. Even though I say this, I do want to add that I have met some of the best people ever in college, like my best friend Maddie. But other than that, college will always be the time that I had to really dig deep into understanding myself and dealing with my past. Most people avoid this their entire lives, but of course I chose the worst time to do so. I don’t want this to be a “dark” post, but I just want to be as honest as possible with anyone who reads my posts.

Anyway, I always digress. So let me get back to the main story…. I had 1 more month till my “freedom” from sleepless nights. So of course I started to wonder what the next step in my life would be. As far as I was concerned, my internship was going to become my full time job and I would continue to try to create a great skin care line. I won’t go into too much detail, so long story short, I became “jobless.” I wasn’t fired, but I was told that I would not be hired. And even though this was a paid internship, the amount of hours I was actually able to work combined with how much I was paid, was not what I expected after graduating. At first, it felt kind of like a nightmare and I thought my bosses would tell me they were joking, but the days continued and I heard nothing from them about this. Honestly, after being with a company as long as I was with them, I expected more, but that was just another great life lesson I learned. I already knew it, but I did not understand it till it happened to me. Idk if that makes any sense, but yeah.

I began applying for jobs the moment I was delivered the unfortunate news. I was very optimistic at first because I had a pretty good CV and I actually had some work experience. But after one month of sending out application after application, I began to lose hope. I know some of you will probably roll your eyes at this, because I know a few people who waited 6+ months for a job. But I’m a very impatient person (I think it’s my greatest flaw). I’m not impatient in every aspect of life, but I am for the most part.

So one month goes by and I had in person, phone, and Skype interviews. My dream job would involved something with cosmetics. I REALLY wanted to continue learning how to formulate cosmetics. There were 2 problems I kept encountering though. 1. Most cosmetic companies are on the East Coast & 2. All the positions were senior-level. As much as I always complain(ed) about Texas, I was not ready to move. I almost had a job offer from a cosmetic company in Connecticut and I was really starting to consider moving there. I of course came to my senses, but I grew desperate and once I entered my second month without any offers, I got really down. I was so used to always being busy and having something to do, so working barely 10 hours a week was hard for me. That on top of not having many of my friends around was not a great way to end the year or start the new year.

I felt stuck. And for the first time, it was not because I wanted to move away and couldn’t. I felt as if though I was wasting my life away. Yes, I was being a wee bit dramatic, but I am not someone who can solely live to please herself. I love being able to do for others or at least contribute something to society. There were other ways to do this, but it turns out volunteering is much more difficult when you’re not doing so in a group. So my days turned into cleaning out my e-mail, picture folders, closet, room… anything, and spending time with my doggies. The only other thing I planned out daily was my workouts.

Naturally, since I was starting to feel low, I knew I needed to grow closer to God. I started to really read the book of Job, because I just kept questioning why God would allow this to happen to me if he really loved me. Yes, I’ve had worse happen to me in my life, but for some reason I felt like I deserved a job right out of college. Don’t ask me why, because I rarely expect anything in life anymore. But this one thing, I thought would be simple. Anyway, reading about Job and his loyalty and faith in Christ really helped me be okay with all that was going on in my life. The job thing wasn’t all of it, but it is all I feel comfortable sharing. Although my life was not going the way I thought it would be, my faith in God grew. Throughout my entire life, God has always taken care of me (and my brother), just like He said he would in Psalm 27:10, so I knew there was a reason behind all of this and I realized it a bit later.

God was testing my patience.

Like I said, I am VERY impatient. And the funny thing about all of this was that I prayed and ask the Lord to help me with that. So, of course He did so in a way that would not be subtle.

Let me get back to the story. I stopped applying for jobs after my friend Emily gave me information about a possible job for a start up cosmetic company in Brooklyn. Even though I’ve never been to New York and I do not think it would be a city I’d enjoy living in, but once again I gave it a shot. But after not hearing back from that company, I didn’t start applying for jobs again for about a week or so.

I promise this is all going somewhere ha ha. Now we are at the beginning of February. One night I was cleaning out my desk and organizing papers. I was already very tired, but for some reason, I decided to apply for jobs. I applied for 2 jobs that night and the next day, I heard back from both companies. One of them had the pay listed and the other one didn’t. At this point, I had already concluded that if I had a low starting pay, then I would just deal with it and work hard to grow. So company A (the one with the very low pay listed) asked me to come in for an interview that following Monday at 1. Company B scheduled a phone interview with me at 12 that same day. This wasn’t a problem though because Company A was only a few minutes away from my internship. Anyway, my interview with Co. B was the best interview I’d ever had in my life. The hiring manager was also a pastor (go figure) so he and I talked about Jesus Christ among other subjects that had nothing to do with the position (this lasted for 20 minutes after the interview). So, once I got off the phone with him (let’s call him C), I just laughed. It was just one of those moments when you feel God in your presence and He tells you “I told you so.”

After the phone interview, I drove over to Co. A and that interview was good. Not amazing or unforgettable in any way, but it went well. The following day, I heard back from C at Co. B and he told me that I would have another phone interview on Thursday with the lady who would be my boss. That was exciting to hear, but at the same time, Co. A told me that they’d get back to me by Wednesday. Sure enough, I got the offer that Wednesday and I had until Friday to decide. So Thursday came along and my 2nd phone interview with Co. B went great, again. So, I thought that I would hear back from Co. B within 24 hours then I could make a decision. Ha ha nope! After my 2nd phone interview, C called me that same day to let me know that I would have a 4 hour in-person interview the following week!!! I seriously wanted to scream when I heard this. Because not only did I not know how much Co. B was offering, but I also had to accept or decline another position in less than 24 hours.

Can y’all guess what I did?

I declined. Surprise surprise.

This was the moment, I realized that God was REALLY testing my patience ha ha. So I waited about another week and the day before my interview, C called me again to make sure I was prepared and he finally disclosed my possible pay range. I was definitely surprised because it was much higher than anything else I’d seen for entry-level chemistry positions. After I left what ended up being a 3.5 hour interview, I felt pretty great. I’d never heard of a company conducting so many interviews, but I appreciated the amount of time I was able to spend with each of my interviewers. I even had to take an impromptu math test y’all.

So once again after my 3rd round of interviews, C called me to ask me how I felt about the interview, then he let me know that I had yet another phone interview, but with HR. I really did not know that was a good sign until my sister told me, but then I was really excited. Mainly because I’d spent nearly a month interviewing with this company and I really liked everyone I had a chance to meet because they were all so genuinely kind.

Sure enough, that Wednesday, C called me to deliver great news… and ruin my surprise that I’d be offered the job ha ha. He told me to act surprised when I was called with the true offer, but he wanted to tell me himself as well. I kind of viewed him as my guardian angel ha ha. I just didn’t think that someone who had only known me for a few phone calls would be so kind to me, but that is just how I know that he truly loved Christ.

The following day, I finally got a true job offer. Yes, I cried. The greatest thing about the offer had to be the fact that they went above the pay range that I was told. I wasn’t expecting this whatsoever. I have no experience in the company’s industry. Also, I went back to look at the job description after I was hired and it clearly stated that they wanted someone with 5+ years (that I do NOT have) and I really don’t know how I overlooked that, because I probably would not have applied. But that is just how God works, right? The funniest part about how all this ended was when I got on Instagram after being hired and seeing Psalm 46:10 (posted in the image above), which has become one of my fave verses.

So what’s my takeaway message after this very long story?

God is very loving and faithful.

Be patient and have faith in Him.

Thank you for reading,

bisous bious ♥

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