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1st Day of Spring + 1 Year

Le Première Jour de Printemps + Un An





Oh my goodness y’all… today marks one year since I launched Chemistry of Style/Chimie de la Style! I truly cannot believe how quickly time has passed. It feels like just yesterday that I was reading Capture Your Style and finally pushing myself to create a website. I still cringe at how awful my first site layout looked like ha ha. But I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I took a multimedia class back in high school, but when you lose what you don’t use, right? Anyway, I had to do a little reading + YouTube watching in order to created my site now. It was difficult balancing this and schoolwork, but when I look at my website now, I’m very happy. Of course, I also ended up purchasing a template from Pipdig (linked at the bottom of my blog), but customizing it was something I had to learn how to do. Anyway, I am so happy it’s finally spring! I still contemplate if it’s my favorite season, because I also love the cold, but I think I love the fun attire that comes with spring. I love that the 1st anniversary of my blog fell on the 1st day of spring because I (along with several others) like to think of spring as a time of birth. So this marks the birth of COS (I know I’m a bit cheesy ha ha. Other than writing about my excitement for this day, I would also like to list what I’ve learned about blogging in this past year + what tips I have for those who would like to do the same (because trust me, it’s not as fun as it seems at times). Also, all my outfit details are linked below, as always. The top is sold out, but I linked it anyway (Note: I’m wearing a medium & for some reason it was still a little big, so I ended up tying it up in the back for the pictures ha ha). Express has a very similar blouse that is actually cheaper =) I also linked items similar to my purse and shorts.



What I’ve Learned + Experienced

People can be very mean

People can be very nice

Shopping can become a chore

Shopping a lot can get expensive (esp. as a student)

Blogging is not all glamourous

ALWAYS check the weather forecast before shoots

I should probably get my car windows tinted b/c my backseat = my changing room

Find a great photographer(s) and keep a good relationship with them

Content creating is harder than it seems

Blogging is more than just clothes, you need to know technology (not just social media)

Time management is your best friend

Most people who support you in the beginning will stop, except for a few

I’ve met some of the BEST people from blogging events

Working with a company for campaigns is fun + nerve wracking

Sometimes getting free things is not that great

I had to get VERY comfortable in my own skin (still getting used to this)

I’m also still getting used to being stared at whilst taking pictures

I’ve gained so so much confidence from putting myself out there more… I’m still a bit awkward at times though ha ha

I’ve gained a lot more patience



What to Consider When Starting a Blog

You have to love what you’re doing

You will want to quit A LOT

You will compare yourself to others more than you possibly thought you could.

Try not to get caught up in the number game. The amount of followers, likes, and views only mean so much

…because you will have “haters” that lurk, but don’t like.

BUT there will also be people who love you & you will inspire =)

When companies contact you & you decide to advertise, make sure you have a disclaimer on your blog page.

Make sure companies don’t take advantage of you just because you’re just getting started.

You don’t need fancy clothes, just great style

You don’t need a fancy camera or photographer, but having one is a bonus b/c aesthetic

You don’t have to spend any money on your actual site initially

BUT you should own your own domain if you’re serious (meaning, no URLs)

Don’t take it too serious + make sure that you’re always having fun

Be patient


Thank you for reading,

Bisous bisous ♥





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Photography by Jazmin Marin.

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