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Spring officially begins tomorrow and I could not be more excited y’all! This past year was the first time I was working full time, so when daylight savings ended in the fall, it really affected my mood. When I was still in school, I wasn’t stuck inside for the majority of the day, so when DST ended, I didn’t really care. But oh boy was I happy to turn my clock forward this year! I honestly wish they would just leave the time alone. 

Anyway, now that spring is starting (and the weather is following suit), I am going to be posting more often. Tomorrow also marks 2 years since I started COS and I am very happy with where I am. There were a few moments last year when I kept asking myself why it is I was doing this, but I no longer have doubts. Even though it is very difficult entering the blogosphere, especially as a woman of color, I am so glad I get to do this. Having a creative outlet that can also benefit others really makes my life better. 

So, to all of you who visit and comment, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t want to make this post super long, but I can’t wait to provide more content for y’all! 

Thank you for reading,

bisous bisous ♥

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