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Bienvenue tout le monde!

Salut &

welcome everyone!

It has taken me nearly four years to muster up the courage to finally start this blog. I honestly have no idea what I am doing or how much time I truly have to devote to this or how many people are truly interested in what I have to post. But I do know that I love when people ask me about what I am wearing or where I purchased something for my apartment, because I get to share a side of myself that does not revolve around my other career endeavors. I am a scientist/biochemist/cosmetic chemist (…in training) and even though science requires creativity, it is not exactly the same creativity that is required to put together an amazing outfit or a room. That being said, I chose the name of my blog based on my two passions. Yes, I know that is very cliché.
My goal for my blog is to be very honest and realistic about how my outfits or apartment decorations come together. I know that people see bloggers as these perfect people & that is not how I want to be seen (even though I am a perfectionist). I would also love to be able to inspire others to find their own style, because I did not have it easy growing up. There are not many Black, 6’0 tall, & not size 0 women in the public eye or that are bloggers. Therefore, I want to try to be the girl that the younger me needed for others who do not exactly “fit in.” Learning what my style is and what suits my personality is very fun to me, so if I can do the same for whoever reads this, it will make my life!
Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my blog & I hope you enjoy it.
bisous bisous ♥

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