La Rose pour le Printemps

Pink for the Spring


I’ve decided to double-post about spring today because, quite frankly, I am very excited for this season! Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love cold weather, but I am actually excited for the warmth (even though Texas only received like two weeks of winter).



Blush/light pink has really become a popular color as of late. I love this color because it looks good on just about everyone. I decided to keep this entire outfit monochromatic because I feel like many people are afraid to try it. So I wanted to show that it can look good.


I love this dress so much and I am happy I got it before it sold out =( It is honestly the perfect spring dress. It can be worn to many occasions and it is the perfect length. Even though it is sold out now, I found other similar styles and included them at the end of this post.



I almost did not buy these shoes, but my sister convinced me to & I am oh so glad she did! These block heels are super comfy & inexpensive! Block heels are a popular trend right now and for once I do not mind following, because they do not hurt my feet (I hate heels). Being 6 feet tall has its advantages at times.


Thank you for reading,

Bisous bisous ❤

Dress: Option 1, option 2, option 3, option 4, & option 5

Shoes: Option 1 & option 2



*Photos taken by Madalyn Melton*

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