Les Pluies D’Avril…


April has just started & it brought the rain with it. I was not expecting to write a post on rainy day attire until later this season, but the timing was kind of perfect. I do not always dress up, so this outfit is closer to how I dress during the week. Also, let’s be realistic, no one really wants to be super dressed up when it rains, so here is my idea of rainy-day attire.

I have always loved clear umbrellas, because of S & B, but I never got one until recently. I really like this one because it is sturdy & it can withstand the strong winds that come with Texas rain.

Image result for serena and blair clear umbrellas

Just a little close-up of Carrie =)

This jacket is my favorite rain jacket. I purchased it a few years ago from Nordstrom Rack for like 80% less than its retail price. It is Burberry & sadly, they do not make it anymore, so I tried to find other styles that I would wear.

I have never been a huge fan of rain boots, but being in college & living in Texas makes them a necessary staple for a spring wardrobe. When it rains here, it is not a light rain, it is more like torrential downpours. So, when it comes to rain boots, I got these because they are sturdy & do not slip when I walk on slick surfaces. I am usually in a hurry when I go to and from classes, plus I can be clumsy, so these are a perfect pair in my opinion. I also appreciate that Hunter makes boots with an adjustable back, because I have larger calves than the “average” woman. Almost everyone has Hunter boots, so they are not very “original,” but I have more options below.

Thank you for reading,


Bisous bisous ❤







Shop this look

Jacket: Option 1, option 2, option 3, & option 4


Boots: Option 1  & option 2


Bag: See this post =)




*Photos taken by Madalyn Melton*

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