Noir et Blanc… et Rose


This weekend the temperature dropped here & I had to pull out my jeans again. I typically do not wear jeans unless it is cooler outside. So, this outfit is just my simple take on jeans with a nice top.

I don’t drink coffee, but I forgot I was holding my roommate’s cup as I posed for this & it became a cliché prop.


I LOVE this top. The detailing on it is just like the blue striped dress I wore a few weeks ago. Even though the Victoria Beckham collection sold out, I found some other places this top is being sold. I am wearing a medium.

This is Penelope, my absolute favorite child! I never thought I would own this bag until I was much older (and had a salary), but Nordstrom Rack united me with my beautiful Penelope for much much less than its retail value. I know that not everyone can be this lucky, so I have some replicas linked below. I also want to provide this link for how to spot a faux for those of you who are interested in purchasing one.


Thanks for reading,
Bisous bisous ❤






Shop this look!



Bag: Replica option

Shoes: See this post for other options =)





*Photos taken by Madalyn Melton*

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