Un Peu Couleur


Orange is a color that most people believe either looks REALLY good on them or it doesn’t. On the other hand, I think that anyone can pull it off, as long as they wear the proper accessories to go with their ensemble. This week I am wearing another piece from the Victoria Beckham x Target collection. This romper is seriously very comfortable and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It could also be worn as a simple, but dressy piece for summer graduations.

I am not a huge fan of wearing super bright colors all the time, so when putting this outfit together, I wanted to keep the color focused on the romper. In order to do this, I had to find a “nude” shoe. Since nude shoes really aren’t my skin tone, I wore these tanned leather wedges. The leather blends close enough with my skin tone, so my shoes & romper are not fighting for attention in this outfit.

I love the scallop detail on this romper!

Thank you for reading,

Bisous bisous ❤





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