Jeu de Motifs


One of my favorite things do when choosing outfits is mixing up different textures & patterns. So this look was inspired by my love for pattern play. When mixing patterns (or textures), I try to use no more than 3 different looks and I make sure the colors compliment one another. I will be doing a separate post just for pattern play soon as well. But with this look, I chose 2 different patterns (gingham and floral) and to make it less colorful (I prefer neutrals), I borrowed my roommate’s white off the shoulder (OTS) top to kind of decrease the amount of “activity” in the entire ensemble. I am also really in love with these wedges, so I wore them with this outfit because of their neutrality.


Thank you for reading,

Bisous bisous ❤





Shop this look!

Top (these are all similar styles since I borrowed this one from my roommate): Option 1, option 2, & option 3 (a splurge option)

Skirt (I got mine at Nordstrom Rack a while ago for much less, but this is the only store that I could find it in all sizes at)



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