Rayures d’été 


I’m back! I am so glad my first summer class is over and I can relax again!.. Well kinda. I still have too much going on, but it’s a lot less stressful than when you have to read 6 chapters per week for a weekly exam.

This post is a little more dressy than my typical #OOTDs, but I fell in love with this dress when I saw it. I’m glad I waited to purchase it because it went on sale for $23!! The only downside is that it sold out quickly =( I still posted the dress in case any of you would like to dig and hunt. This dress is super comfy though & I am wearing a medium. The best part about the dress is that it has padding for the bra area, so you can be sans brassiere.

Another comment I would like to add about this post is how much I am in love with this pink building! I was very determined to find it (thank you ambiguous IG location tags) and when I did, I nearly cried. I’m a sucker for a great backdrop. Which kind of makes me want to discuss the not so glam side of fashion blogging (coming soon). I’m glad I didn’t give up on looking though, because I love these photos, so I hope y’all do too!

Thank you for reading,

Bisous bious ❤





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Dress: Another option (This dress sold out fast, but here is another option by the same brand)

Shoes (similar style)


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